10 Best Lighting Accessories Reviews in 2021 – Review/Guide

Here we have to share a complete review of best lighting accessories.

There is no denying that our devices are becoming smarter with every passing day. 

The world of lightning is not privy to those changes. 

However, if you are looking to buy the best lightning accessories, it is not an easy thing to do since there are so many options available on the market. 

However, to make things easier for you, we have highlighted some of the best options available. But, if you want to make a quick decision without going through the whole article,  you can review the table below. 

This table will provide you a quick overview of the specifications and the advantages a product can offer for you. 

Now, for those who are interested in knowing about their products in-depth, let’s get into it without any further ado! 

1. VILTROX L116T LED Video Light

VILTROX L116T LED Video Light

Viltrox happens to be one of the finest light brands to exist in the market lately. It comes with plenty of useful accessories that prove to be highly fruitful for not only photographers but also for all videographers. 

There’s a reason why we have put this product at the first of the list. 

To begin with, this product happens to be extremely rugged. Even though it is extremely rugged, it only weighs 260 grams! Considering those stats, it’s safe to conclude that you won’t be facing any difficulties in carrying it around! 

Moreover, it also supports various Li-Polymer batteries which make it highly compatible. 


  • This product happens to be super lightweight. Due to its weight, this product happens to be highly portable. 
  • The USB-C charging port ensures smaller charging times. 
  • This product comes with a CRI of above 95. 


  • Charging adapter does not come with the package included. 

2. Neewer 5600K LED Video Light

Neewer 5600K LED Video Light

These best lighting accessories are one of the best options available on the list due to many different reasons. 

To begin with, this product comes in a size that makes it easy and simple to carry. Not only that, but the lights on this product happen to be powered using a USB. 

You can plug those lights in any 5V, 2A USB wall charger and keep on using it for longer times! 

In conclusion, this product happens to be the perfect option available for anyone who is aroused by cameras. 


  • This product is simple and easy to set up. 
  • The multiple levels of brightness adjustment make it a great option.
  • Angle adjustable to 180-degrees.


  • You can’t adjust the color temperature of this product. 

3. Obeamiu 5600K 70 LED Video Light

Obeamiu 5600K 70 LED Video Light

For the people that want the best lighting accessories on a tight budget, this is the product to do. 

This product comes with a total of three light panels which include 70 SMD LED bulbs in each of them. 

You will also find that the panel of this product happens to be totally adjustable and you can also tilt it any time. Coming with very low power consumption, this product is going to go a long mile in proving to be a good choice. 


  • Energy-efficient. 
  • Powerful and bright throw. 
  • LED lifetime of 50000 hours.


  • This product comes with single color temperature option only. 

4. Led On Camera Video Light PT-176S 176 LED Bulbs

Led On Camera Video Light PT-176S 176 LED Bulbs

If you like the professionals to weigh in on your decisions, then these are the best lighting accessories that you can find! 

This product comes with the best-LED light panels out of all the options available right now. 

The light panel of this product comes with 176 LED lights. These lights offer bright illumination and allow the users to be able to craft some beautiful shots. 


  • This product comes with easy installation. 
  • You can adjust the color temperature. 
  • This product happens to be portable and lightweight.


  • This product does not include any tripod stand. 

5. RALENO LED Video Light

RALENO LED Video Light

If you are looking for the best lighting accessories with an affordable price tag, then say no more! 

This product has got you This product happens to be one of the most durable options available on the light. 

This product happens to be a great choice due to its small and exquisite design.  Coming with adjustable brightness, this product will work great for you! 


  • Small and lightweight. 
  • Battery backup is good.
  • Stylish design. 


  • Does not come with any extras. 

6. GVM RGB LED Video Light

GVM RGB LED Video Light

If you are looking for some of the best lighting accessories, this product makes for a solid option! 

Whereas the price tag comes a little higher as compared to the other options. However, the price tag feels justified when you consider the benefits that this product has to offer. 

This product comes with 3 LED light panels which also happen to be very simple and easy to install. 


  • This product also has RGB lighting. 
  • You can control this product remotely using the GVM mobile app. 
  • This product comes with all the important accessories and a carry bag. 


  • The price tag of this product comes off as a deal breaker. 

7. SAMTIAN LED Video Light


If you are looking for the best lighting accessories which can offer the best value for your money, then you have to go for this option. 

This product comes with some valuable accessories which make it a great option, This product comes with adjustable tripod stands.

Moreover, the users also get two color filters (orange and white). For each light, you will be able to set the temperature of lighting accurately. 


  • This product is a great option for indoor and outdoor use. 
  • This product is one of the portable options. 
  • This product comes equipped with a hot shoe mount. 


  • If you need to change the color temperature, you will need to change the filters only. 

8. Dazzne LED Video Light

Dazzne LED Video Light

This product also comes off as one of the most renowned brands available on the market. This product gets the fame for making some of the best lighting accessories and this product is no different. 

This product has been smartly made for professional users and comes with two packs of large 15.4” bi-color LED panels. 

Whether you are working indoor or outdoor, this product is designed to bode well according to your requirements. 

Moreover, this product also adds to the convenience of the user, all thanks to the wireless remote which allows to control the device from a distance. 


  • This product is lightweight and portable.
  • Comes with a dual-power mode
  • You can use the remote control to operate this product. 


  • The batteries don’t come included with the box. 

9. FOSITAN LED Video Light


For someone who is a novice to photography and wants good-quality lights, these are the best lighting accessories that they can fetch. 

This brand happens to be one of the most premium options available on the market. What’s even better is that this product offers great value for money. 

You will find that these products happen to be very easy and simple to operate. 


  • This product comes with aluminium backplate. This backplate adds to the durability of the product. 
  • The lifetime of this product is 50000. 
  • This product is very portable and lightweight. 


  • This product does not come with batteries. 

10. Yeelight Smart LED Bulb

Yeelight Smart LED Bulb

Last but not least, this product is a great option for someone who wants smart and compatible lightning at it’s best! 

You can control this product with using various virtual assistants and you can also integrate them into larger smart home functions. 

Moreover, they also happen to be multicolor and dimmable as well. You can adjust the brightness of this product as well which makes it a great option. 


  • These best lightning accessories happen to be very simple to install. 
  • They go a long way when it comes to saving energy. 
  • You can control this smart lightning using the remote. 


  • Some people find it difficult to connect this bulb with your smart devices.

How to Choose the Best Lighting Accessories? – Buyer’s Guide:

Best Lighting Accessories!

You might be interested in asking professional photographers about their secret of being able to take some amazing shots. 

The answer lies in the lightning. Lightning happens to be one of the key ingredients which can help a photographer to capture the picture of the best quality. 

Having said that, you must pay attention to buying something that can really level up things for you. 

We have mentioned some of the most important aspects that you must pay attention to. Paying attention to such aspects will ensure that you are able to choose the best lighting accessories! 

Brightness Adjustments: 

When it comes to choosing the best lighting accessories, it is imperative that you consider the brightness adjustments. 

You must look for options that allow you to adjust the brightness levels. You must consider your objectives, such as whether you will be shooting outdoors or indoors. 

You must know that working with the same brightness level is not going to be a perfect solution just about everytime. 

With that being said, you must check whether or not the video light comes with adjustable brightness settings. 

Color Temperatures: 

When talking about the LED lighting accessories, there are usually two color temperatures that you can switch to and from. 

Generally, lower color temperatures come with 3300K. They offer warm lighting and slightly yellowish collor. 

As compared to the other options, the 5500K color temperature offers a white-andblueish lighting effect. 

Whereas the most of LED video light offers you a different color temperatures, ensure to check beforehand. 


CRI means Color Rendering index and also gets measured between 1-100. An LED video light having a CRI above 90 will provide you with a similar effect to a natural lighting in pictures.

Moreover, this also adds colors to make the results look more precise and natural.

Keeping that in mind, you should consider going for options that come with the highest CRI. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which brand of LED lights are the best?

While it is impossible to choose the best brand for LED lights, it is essential that you judge the qualities of a product. 

With that being said, you must consider the buyer’s guide to choosing the best product.

What is the most flattering lighting?

If you are looking for the best light that comes of as flattering to you, you should choose the light bulbs that measure around 2700 kelvins. 

These bulbs usually get the label of being “Soft white/warm white.”

What brand of LED lights do Tiktokers use?

Most of the Tiktokers prefer to use LED strip lights such as Govee LED strip lights. 

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Here go all the best lighting accessories that you can try. 

We have made sure to choose the best options only. Also, consider the stats we have laid out in the buyer’s guide section. 

Paying attention to such aspects will ensure that you can choose the best option for you. 

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